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What We Do - Cloud Delivery

We understand the latest IT technologies and deliver application services at an incredible price point.

SEO Consultancy & Training Expertise

We provide Cloud consultancy & Training services around the key strategic area of Web Site SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which now extends to the whole arena of using a multitude of Social Media utilitiy servies to your best advantage. This new complex 'Media Place' can be difficult to understand for those not already into the use of the technology. We provide clear guidance to the best approach for your own organisation and ensure that your own staff are trained and posess sufficient knowledge on the subject allowing you to manage your own marketing plan.

Cloud Application Development Services

The biggest issue when using Cloud Services is trust, we employ more than 60 years of experience in the building of IT systems to deliver on our promise, all our software is developed in the UK and hosted with people who we trust so you can benefit from our experience in the cloud IT industry.

We use open source where ever possible, and never use off shore developers so we can be certain what the application is doing and be fully confident that it is scaleable and supportable.

We understand the latest technologies and combine these with new business processes to derive your savings when compared to the traditional ways of purchasing IT.

This means that your organisation avoids capital investment and saves money. The services we deliver are accessible 24x7 from a web browser with security the number one priority.

We have developed relationships with leading suppliers that are at the forefront of delivering the latest internet technology in a secure and reliable way.

We provide substantial applications, previously only available following a large capital investment, our charges to you are based on monthly or quarterly payment options, combined with very low set up fees. Where needed we provide on-site training and project planning services which are charged on a day rate according to requirements.

Because you avoid any capital risk, it is very easy for you to trial the application using our '3 Month Free Trial' option, if you change your mind - you have lost nothing.

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