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Be Sure Your Data is Secure

We provide Home PC Security Services

We now offer a full PC Data Security Review service to individuals and business people working from home.

We can visit your home / office to conduct a security review of your PC equipment, including any mobile or tablet use.

We provide an 'MOT' style of examination of your existing levels of security and consider how you are using the equipment to access any cloud applications.

In consultation with yourself we consider your present risks - if any - and what can or should be adopted to reduce your data security risks.

Increasingly, people are working from home using their own Desktop or Laptop PC, combined with occasional access to the same systems from their mobile phone.

This new level of use of personal equipment can expose the individual to an increased risk of virus infection or personal data loss, or Identity Profile hacking.

Why not check and be sure your present level of protection is up to scratch?

Our security review includes a check on your existing Anti-Virus software, along with your password protocols - such as Two Factor Authentication.

We can visit your location and provide a review for GBP90 (payments accepted by card) inclusive of 3 hours onsite and reasonable travel. If required a formal written report detailing our findings can be provided at an additional charge. Subsequent visits can be planned if any software updates or changes to working practises need assistance.

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We are Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

We build Software As A Service (SaaS) Applications to meet your own business requirements, matched to your business processes.

We specialise in developing cloud hosted business software applications, we provide a full end to end managed service, from analysis through coding to hosting.

We can develop complete bespoke solutions for you, or you can choose to use one of our existing pre-built and ready to use multi-tenant applications.

We are developing and can build #IoT devices and interface them to intelligent cloud hosted management applications (Control Panels) - to your own requirements.

Our "Ready-to-Use" applications are delivered using the SaaS model and include:

We also develop Mobile Phone Apps, an example being our Customer Feedback service using our Micro Surveys facility and our SMS Auto Responder service.

All our systems are designed to operate via a Browser on any type of PC, Tablet or Smart Phone there is no requirement for software or hardware to be purchased.

If your organisation is looking to reduce operating costs - or simply needing to enhance your business processes with new software, then talk to us, we can develop a cloud application service for you and interface it directly with your existing back office systems.

Software Applications Hosted in the Clouds

We specialise in and focus solely on delivering our application services directly from the Web, this requires a totally new approach to application design, but the end result enables you to save real money and deliver improved efficiency.

People can now work from any where on any device, at any time, and in the process help you contribute to a greener environment, we utilise the latest Virtual Server technology to ensure that you receive a reliable service at all times.

Using experience gained from developing our own applications, we are well versed in developing your own system requirements from scratch - to a pre-agreed bespoke design and at a fixed price.

Our Approach is simply to use the web to deliver secure, trusted business services without the need for you to purchase hardware or software, our applications are delivered at a price point that is attractive to a business of any size as well the public sector.

We can provision access to these services in weeks rather than months, and due to our careful design they can be adopted with little or no technical expertise within your organisation.

We deliver services that range from E-Billing, through Shopper Marketing, Digital Document Archiving & Help Desk Ticket Management systems, our latest offerings are 'Micro Surveys' & 'SMS Keyword Auto Responders' for Smart Phones.

We particularly specialise in delivering content to Smart mobile phones, we use broadcast SMS to invoke any type of content but we especially have experience with Video delivery, for example - for use as an advertisement.

In a nutshell by utilising leading edge technology Applied IT Savings make available the latest IT functionality to any size of business without the need for capital investment and at a fraction of the usual revenue cost.

Your Business will benefit from a Cloud Application

Find all our numbers and Email here Contact Us or simply Click Here to make an enquiry, we will get back to your directly.

Take a look at our Services section to see how your organisation can benefit from our secure and reliable solutions, and see our News page for the latest product information.

Get in touch with us now, we will be happy to tell you about the existing applications which we have already developed for use 'Straight out of the Cloud', or we can provide a complete design and development service for any new application that you might have in mind.

Take a look at the web sites below, where we have been involved with or directly developed the technology behind each service, so they provide a nice overview of our technical capabilites.